Silhouette Pointers and Photo Tips

Want to know how to get the most out of your silhouette? Read on and feel confident proceeding with your order!

Photo Checklist

A great silhouette starts with a great photo. Look over the Photo Checklist before you take a photo (or two)
to make sure yours is the best it can be.

Getting the Best Angle

Take a picture at eye level, directly from the side (you shouldn’t see the other cheek or eye). It may be easiest to have another person help you to distract or direct your subject so their head is looking in the right direction.

Hair Up or Down?

Hair should be as it usually is (not wet, or needing brushing, or styled differently than usual). Long hair looks best pulled up but it's ultimately your preference. If you’d like me to add or take away a hair bow I can do that! 

Mind the Mouth

Classic silhouettes look best with a relaxed, neutral mouth and level jawline. Feel free to add personality by having the subject smile or laugh if you want that reflected in the silhouette!

Center the Subject

Make sure the entire head, neck and shoulder is visible (not cropped out). Photo should ideally be taken against a simple background but I can usually work with what you have.

Looking Sharp

Make sure the basics are covered - good lighting, sharp focus and no flash. Try to move as close to your subject as possible instead of zooming in, which can result in a fuzzy image.

"Live Photo" is Your Friend

Turn on your phone's "Live Photo" feature before you take a picture. This allows you to select the best frame in a photo, which is especially helpful for wiggly subjects!

*Extensive edits (usually hair is the culprit) will result in a redraw fee.

Tips for When Kids Won't Cooperate...

Getting a great photo of kids sometimes requires different strategies. Try these tips, keeping in mind the Photo Checklist above. If it becomes a battle, STOP and try again later :)

- Tell them to be as “still as a statue”.

- Turn on your phone's "Live Photo" feature so you can choose the best frame out of the set.

- Have someone measure their height while you stand to the side and take a picture of how tall they’ve gotten!

- Take a profile picture of everyone in the family, even favorite stuffed animals! Hopefully they’ll want theirs taken too.

- Take a pic while they’re watching TV (just be mindful their mouth isn't gaping open and their head isn't tilted back).

- For sweet babies, snap a pic while they’re asleep on their side or have someone dangle a fun toy in front of their face while you snap a pic from the side. You can lay very young babies on the floor on their backs and take a picture from the side.

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