Meet Jessica

Jessica Beaver started this business in 2020 as a creative outlet after leaving her career as a print and web designer. She uses her God-given talents to design custom silhouette portraits and watercolor paintings and is happiest when creating! She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to make art that is displayed in businesses and homes like yours across the country.

Motherhood has been a profound and fulfilling role in Jessica's life and in searching for ways to freeze time and continue her love of art, she began capturing her son's little features with silhouette portraits. Inspired by surprising color combinations, patterns and nostalgia, she blends the classic art of silhouette portraits with modern color palettes and textures, such as watercolor, to create a truly unique look! It's been her joy to create these for others and bring heartfelt smiles at a time we need them the most.

Jessica is a wife, boy mom, dog mom and Charlottean who also loves healthy food, DIY projects, redecorating and belly laughs with her best girls.

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